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July Meeting — Monday, July 8!


How Can Nebraska FAIRtaxers Move The Unicameral To Fair Taxation?

Please note!  The second of our summer meetings, all originally scheduled for the first Tuesday of the summer months (June, July, and August) is now tentatively scheduled for the second Monday, July 8th.  Our meeting leaders were not available on the original date.  We will firm up the new date as soon as we confirm with the venue.

As many of you know, James Houlihan is the Project Manager for our study of the question of the rate and characteristics of a revenue neutral FAIR style consumption tax in Nebraska to replace all forms of existing taxation — property tax, state income tax, and existing sales tax.  At our meeting, he will present the latest update on the project and ask for your input to guide our study.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on the character of our system of taxation to make Nebraska a freer and more prosperous state!

Monday, July 8, 6:30 PM – 8 PM
5022 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137


  1. Registration (6:15 – 6:30)
  2. Dinner
  3. Intro — Rob Rohrbough, President (7:00)
  4. James Houlihan, Project Manager, Nebraska FAIRtax Study
  5. Wrap up (8:00)

With an accounting degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, James has been the CFO of a rural critical access hospital.  Currently as a corporate controller, he deals with sales tax compliance in 15 states.  He also serves as Douglas County Republican Party Treasurer and Omaha Young Republicans Treasurer.   James has been married 19 years and has 2 children.

Reservations are very much appreciated.  You may register on Facebook here:

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Dan Pilla’s Ten Principles of Federal Taxation

Want to understand why you should take a good look at the FAIRtax?  Dan Pilla is one of the foremost tax experts in the country.  He is considered to be “the nation’s leader in taxpayers’ rights defense and IRS abuse prevention and cure” according to The Heartland Institute.  If you don’t like to read and have time, you may watch his presentation on The Heartland Institute’s website.   If you do not have the hour that takes, you may glance at his analysis in writing.  In either case, you will understand good and bad taxation better than you ever have before!

Summer Meetings

Check out FAIRtax Nebraska’s Summer Lineup!

We kicked off this season with a great meeting in September!  Doug Kagan is President of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, one of the largest, most effective taxpayer advocate groups in Nebraska.  He gave us his insight on taxes and their impact on Nebraska citizens.  We continued with State Senators Lindstrom and Linehan, giving us their perspective on related issues in the Unicameral, and in March, Jessica Shellburn, State Director, AFP Nebraska, gave us her perspective on taxes in the Legislature.  In April, Dr. Edward Truemper presented the 35% Solution, a ballot initiative.  For more information, including their imminent kick-off, click here.

We have three great programs on First Tuesday evenings through the summer:

  1. Summer Work Sessions
    Want to help make a difference?  The second Mondays throughout the summer we will host work sessions on our Nebraska consumption-based tax study.  June 10, July 8, and August 12, 2019, all three sessions now scheduled at Valentino’s, on 108th Street between “L” and “Q” Streets.

The first one is Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

The Income Tax: Root of all Evil

When I talk to people about the Fair Tax®, I ask them this question:  Among three major forms of taxes – the property tax, income and related taxes (withholding, estate tax), and a consumption tax – which one respects our unalienable right to property?  The property tax is pretty obvious – especially on non-income producing property like our residences.  When we pay property tax to the state at the risk of losing our house to a tax sale, we really do not own it; we rent it from the government.  How about income?  Is not the income we earn our own property?  If this is not so obvious, take a look at this classic article from the The Ludwig von Mises Institute.