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November Meeting

How Will Nebraska’s Tax Climate Look after the Election?

Nebraska Sen. Brett Lindstrom is concerned with taxes and their impact on our state.  Tuesday’s election could have significant impact on your taxes as it will not only in our state but throughout the nation.  Come hear Sen Lindstrom discuss the tax climate and outlook for the Unicameral in 2019.

Monday, November 12, 6:30 PM – 8 PM
5022 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137


  1. Registration (6:15 – 6:30)
  2. Dinner
  3. Intro — Rob Rohrbough, President (7:00)
  4. Sen. Brett Lindstrom, LD 18
  5. Wrap up (8:00)

Senator Brett Lindstrom represents the 18th District in Northwestern Omaha. Lindstrom graduated from Millard West High School and attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, graduating in 2004 with a B.S. in history and earning a letter in football.

After college, Lindstrom returned to Omaha, where he currently works as a financial advisor. In 2007, he married Leigh Ancona; the couple has three children.  As a senator, Lindstrom has served as Chair of the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee, Chair and Vice Chair of the State-Tribal Relations Committee, Vice Chair of the Retirement Systems Committee, and as a member of the Revenue and Natural Resources Committees.


Reservations are very much appreciated.  You may register on Facebook here:

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Fall and Winter Meetings

Check out FAIRtax Nebraska’s Fall and Winter Lineup!

We kicked off our new season with a great meeting in September!  Doug Kagan is President of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, one of the largest, most effective taxpayer advocate groups in Nebraska.  He gave us his insight on taxes and their impact on Nebraska citizens.

We have three more great meetings on Second Monday’s through the winter:

  1. Monday, November 12, 2018:  Nebraska Sen. Brett Lindstrom
    Sen. Lindstrom is concerned with taxes and their impact on our state.  He will discuss the tax climate and outlook for the Unicameral in 2019.
  2. Monday, January 14, 2019:  Nebraska Sen. Lou Ann Linehan
    Sen. Linehan will give us her fresh insights from the brand new legislative session.
  3. Monday, February 11, 2019  Mike Godfrey, Bellevue University
    Mike possesses one of the most solid perspectives on American founding principles and history.  Get a history of taxation in the US prior to 1913, when the Sixteenth Amendment, authorizing the Federal Income Tax, was deemed ratified.

Stay tuned as we finalize details for these meetings, starting with November.

The Income Tax: Root of all Evil

When I talk to people about the Fair Tax®, I ask them this question:  Among three major forms of taxes – the property tax, income and related taxes (withholding, estate tax), and a consumption tax – which one respects our unalienable right to property?  The property tax is pretty obvious – especially on non-income producing property like our residences.  When we pay property tax to the state at the risk of losing our house to a tax sale, we really do not own it; we rent it from the government.  How about income?  Is not the income we earn our own property?  If this is not so obvious, take a look at this classic article from the The Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Fair Tax® Can Be Applied at the State Level

We have been asked if the Fair Tax® concept can be applied at the state level.  It most certainly can, and Nebraska Fair Tax ® has developed a proposal to replace Nebraska’s income tax and sales tax with strictly a consumption tax.

It would eliminate the state income tax and all its related taxes, including both the state withholding tax and the state inheritance tax.  The details of the proposal may be found in this PDF file.