Welcome to Nebraskans Supporting the Fair Tax – the Nebraska arm of Americans For Fair Taxation, the organization promoting the FAIRtax®!  We support AFFT’s efforts to replace the Federal Income Tax with a national consumption sales tax, thereby eliminating the IRS.

At the state level, we promote principles of good taxation — to eliminate confiscatory taxes and replace them with broad-based, flat consumption taxes.  By taxing only consumers we recognize what Pres. Calvin Coolidge knew, “in the end [taxes] come out of the people who toil.”  Informing fellow Nebraskans and our legislators of this truth will help Nebraska become more economically attractive among our neighboring states.

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Just flattening the current tax on income is not real reform; it is tweaking!  If you are fed up with the Federal Income Tax, you are not alone!  Here are some stories from others who agree with you:

February Nebraska FAIRtax Meeting

Monday, February 12 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM
El Bees 2
10402 S 144th St, Omaha, Nebraska 68138

Come hear financial advisor and candidate for Nebraska State Treasurer, Taylor Royal, discuss the impact of taxes on business and investments and why taxes should be paid only by consumers on discretionary purchases, which is how taxes would be paid with the FAIRtax.


6:30 Registration and dinner
7:00 Program

Taylor Royal

Christian.  Wife, Katie, teaches 2nd grade in Elkhorn.  Living in Omaha, CPA and financial representative, he is a fiscal conservative, 100% pro-life, and believes in strong families.  Taylor is pro 2nd Amendment; believes protecting our borders through a physical barrier and promoting legal immigration is vital to our country’s future, and believes that individuals work hard for their money.  As taxpayers, they should get a good return from the money they send to Washington D.C. or Lincoln, Nebraska.


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Please save the dates for our upcoming meetings in the First Quarter of 2018:

  • Monday February 12, 2018 — Financial advisor, Taylor Royal
  • Monday, March 12, 2018 — Real estate expert, Kris Pierce

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Should the IRS Be Abolished?

Can it be fixed?  Take a look at this Washington Examiner article.

The Case for the Fair Tax®

Check out former Senator John Linder’s articulate case for the Fair Tax® at Hillsdale College:

It is a fine presentation that answers all your questions! If you don’t think so, message us from our FaceBook site.

Think your property is safe with the IRS?

Just ask the owners of a grocery store in Michigan!  Read what George Will has to say about it here.  This could happen in Nebraska…  Abuses like this and the IRS all go away with the Fair Tax®!

So, You Think Your Taxes are High?

The Complex Tax Code is not helping the economy or average folks, according to Tom Purcell, in Thursday’s Omaha World Herald.  You may read about it here.

New FaceBook Page

Please feel free to Like our new FaceBook page, NebraskansSupportingtheFairTax! Then look for additional posts and news. We started with a video from Kerry Bowers, who walks through the features every tax code should have and grades our current income tax code along with the FairTax – HR 25/S 13.

A Little Tax History

On April 15, what better day than for historian, Bill Federer, to come out with an article on the history of the income tax and its nefarious impact on American life:

American Minute on Tax Day

The Income Tax: Root of all Evil

When I talk to people about the Fair Tax®, I ask them this question:  Among three major forms of taxes – the property tax, income and related taxes (withholding, estate tax), and a consumption tax – which one respects our unalienable right to property?  The property tax is pretty obvious – especially on non-income producing property like our residences.  When we pay property tax to the state at the risk of losing our house to a tax sale, we really do not own it; we rent it from the government.  How about income?  Is not the income we earn our own property?  If this is not so obvious, take a look at this classic article from the The Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Fair Tax® Can Be Applied at the State Level

We have been asked if the Fair Tax® concept can be applied at the state level.  It most certainly can, and Nebraska Fair Tax ® has developed a proposal to replace Nebraska’s income tax and sales tax with strictly a consumption tax.

It would eliminate the state income tax and all its related taxes, including both the state withholding tax and the state inheritance tax.  The details of the proposal may be found in this PDF file.

The Problem with Property Taxes

Until recently most activists considered the Fair Tax to be a national (Federal) issue.  We now consider it to be a state level issue as well.  Why?  No better case can be made than this from David Barton and Rick Green as they interview Texas State Representative Phil King.  Do other forms of taxes, like the property tax, violate our moral code?  Just listen to this!

Let's not punish the poor!

We believe that income taxes are regressive by their nature – punishing the poor and middle class in spite of their usual name of “progressive”.  Very appropriately, our first article comes from The Objective Conservative and the Platte Institute, both quoting the Tax Foundation‘s William McBride:

Income Taxes Punish the Poor, Investment and Economic Growth

Kudos to all three organizations!