August Meeting


Where is the 35% Solution Now? Why is FAIRtax Supporting It?

In April, Dr. Edward Truemper, a proponent of consumption-based taxation, discussed the property tax problem and TRUE Nebraskans’ “35% Solution” ballot initiative.  With enthusiasm from several of our members, the Nebraska board has decided to support the effort, which is bound to get senators thinking about consumption taxation.  Please join us as Dr. Truemper explains how we can help!


Tuesday, August 6, 6:30 PM – 8 PM
5022 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137


  1. Registration (6:15 – 6:30)
  2. Dinner
  3. Intro — Rob Rohrbough, President (7:00)
  4. Edward Truemper, TRUE Nebraskans
  5. Wrap up (8:00)


Dr. Edward Truemper is a pediatrician who is retired from clinical practice.  He has been deeply involved in politics in Nebraska for the past 7 years.  He helped Deb Fischer in her initial Senate campaign in 2012, ran for Omaha City council in 2013 but lost, continued to support the Republican party and became 2nd district Vice Chair and served on the Executive Committee for NEGOP from 2015 to 2017.  He has spent considerable time down in the legislature, opposing Medicaid expansion, fighting for medical and tax reforms and property tax relief.  He currently is helping to lead the charge on Property tax relief through a ballot initiative.  Dr. Truemper is also a vocal proponent on a consumption-based taxation system and abolition of all income and property taxes.

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